Dienstag, 10. Februar 2009

[CA] TGS Public Hack v3.1.2

Download TGS Public Hack v3.1.2

THiSGaMeSuX Combat Arms Public v3.1.2

* Cham Skins
* Custom Cham Colors
* Crosshair Hack
* Nametag Hack
* No Fog
* No Fall
* No Recoil
* Speed Hack
Using TGS Public Edition:

1) Download the hack.
2) Extract the mss file(s) and \\\"settings.ini\\\" file into the Combat Arms \\\"mss\\\" folder, for example CNexon\\\\Combat Arms\\\\mss\\\\. You may also extract the entirey of the \\\"Combat Arms\\\" folder contents instead.
3) Rename\\\"mssrename.flt\\\".
4) Edit the hack settings by opening the \\\"settings.ini\\\" file with Notepad or WordPad. (login info is no longer required)
4) Start the game.
6) In game, press the INSERT key on your keyboard to open the menu, use the UP and DOWN arrows keys to navigate the menu items and LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to toggle settings off and on. Press INSERT again to close the menu.
*7) Set your settings and save. There is a menu item labelled \\\"[*] Save Hack Settings\\\", use DELETE key for this.

*You only need to do *7) if you didn\\\'t fully configure it the hack in step 4) or mis-configured the hack.

Download TGS Public Hack v3.1.2


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